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Make the Road Long Island

Make the Road New York is the largest progressive grassroots immigrant-led organization in New York state with branches in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, and Westchester.

Anti Racism Project, via ERASE Racism

The Project offers participants ways to examine the crucial and persistent issue of racism. Working with facilitators and a well- designed curriculum, drawn from a variety of sources, participants engage in interactive experiences to examine the realities of institutionalized racism, internalized racism, white privilege, and the myths of immigration in order to understand how they feed ongoing racial injustice.

Long Island Progressive Coalition

The Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC) fights for structural change at the local, state, and national levels to attain racial justice, build community wealth, and realize a just transition to a 100% renewable energy future. We mobilize Long Islanders through political education, grassroots organizing, leadership development, and the creation of cooperative economic institutions to redistribute wealth and power.

LI Black Alliance

Long Island Black Alliance’s (LIBA) mission is to improve the lives of the Black community on Long Island.

African American Museum of Nassau County

The mission of the African American Museum of Nassau County is to promote understanding and appreciation of African American culture, art and tradition through education, interpretation, exhibitions, collections and programs for the enrichment of the public; with an emphasis on Long Island. The museum’s vision is to continue to be an outstanding regional resource for African American historical information and preservation.

ERASE Racism Long Island

ERASE Racism's Partnership for Racial Equity is building a diverse coalition to advance the goal of racial equity on Long Island and beyond.

Women’s Diversity Network

Long Island is an exceptionally diverse place but still incredibly segregated. Many of the organizations have shared goals and are doing parallel work, but have been working separately. The Women’s Diversity Network aims to bring organizations and community members together to create positive changes through a more unified sisterhood.

Shades of Long Island

Shades of Long Island is a media outlet dedicated to elevating the consciousness of Long Island through informative reporting and sharing the news, stories and events revolving people of color in our region.

Cooperation Long Island

Cooperation LI brings together community-based organizations, base-building groups, service non-profits, jail advocates, immigrant rights groups, reproductive healthcare providers, faith organizations, and other community leaders to identify and support the diverse needs of the Long Island community, while centering the needs of traditionally marginalized communities.

Source compiled by Local Historian, Sandra Riaño  @s.riano

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